I am a Composer and Audio Designer based in Birmingham, UK, working primarily in game and film audio. After studying Composition at Huddersfield University and Birmingham Conservatoire, to Masters Degree level, I have been working with game and film creators for 5 years, writing in a vast range of musical styles and creating a wide array of sound effects.
I started my musical career as a jazz trumpeter and guitarist in school, performing and composing across multiple groups and genres including jazz, blues and orchestral. After being influenced by a variety of game soundtracks such as Final Fantasy VII and The Legend Of Zelda: The Ocarina Of Time I knew that I wanted to become a composer, and I fashioned my future studies towards that goal.

At The University Of Huddersfield I started to follow contemporary and electronic music much more and have been heavily influenced by composers such as Steve Reich and Louis Andriessen. I try to blend these more avant garde styles into my conventional music scores to give a slight edge and a more unique overall sound.

Since graduating from my Masters Degree I have worked with multiple game studios on their soundtrack and audio design, including VooFoo Studios, JAMO Games and +AsDesigned Games. I have also worked on award winning short films and animations providing the underscoring.

Providing audio for media work is my passion and I hope to continue working in this field.